Master – Capt. Jacob George

Working with MMSI since 2002 First Vessel: TM Harmony

For this profession, my association with MMSI has been long.

When I joined MMSI in 2002, as a Chief Officer, what I was looking was a steady job and a promotion to the rank of Master.I cannot say that, in the initial years I got everything what I wanted, but MMSI did their best to get me, what I was looking for.

After the promotion what I was looking for was mainly job satisfaction.Definitely it has been a satisfying and pleasant experience over the years with MMS Tokyo and MMSI. The prime thing which inspired me to continue in this company was Honesty with which MMS Tokyo has been doing their business. There was absolutely no undue pressure from the company for me to do anything which is unlawful or circumventing the procedures. Definitely this has greatly helped my growth as a matured individual. There was always a free hand to do things, provided it is done correctly. The condition of the ships were another aspect which I like to mention. MMS Tokyo ships were not the 'state of the art' ships, but they were always what is required to run the vessel safely at Sea.

Safety aspects were excellent. Always in compliance with international conventions, rules and regulations. Office support was always has been good. Most of the ships were time chartered with oil majors, which makes the job bit more easy for Masters. MMS Tokyo had given me option for shifting to Shore Office, but due to personal reasons, I could not accept the Offer. Overall the company had taken care of me well and it has been a satisfying and pleasant experience for me professionally and personally.

Talking about MMSI, generally it has been a satisfying experience for me. Few things I like to mention is airport pick up and hotel arrangement even during transit has been arranged since 2002. For an outstation candidate it was a great help. Another department which works to near perfection is Accounts department, especially so during last two years or so. MMSI had always tried to taken care of individual needs of all seafarers, even though, occasionally it had not met the expectation of certain individual's. In the manning there are too many variables.

I take this opportunity to sincerely appreciate Mr.Bhavanani's constant endeavour to improving things at MMSI and improving the overall benefit of the Seafarers.

Looking forward to continue my association with MMSI in the coming years.


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