Chief Engineer - Rajan John Kanicheril

Working with MMSI since - 1999

35 years of sea life. Out of which 28 years as Chief Engineer. It was a long journey. Do not know how much to go. Looking back it was a great experience. Started with Cargo ships in the year 1978 and switched over to Tankers in the year 1990.

My association with MMS (I) begins from the time when MMS (I) started its office at Mumbai in the year2001.But before that I started working on MMS ships through a different Manning agent. My first assignment was in the year 1999 on M.T.Melodia. That was a real change. From 20yr old Tankers to New Tankers.

Now completed more than 13 years with MMS. It was a great experience sailing through the ups & down of shipping world. Accommodating all the changes that havehappened inEngineering and Management levels on board. So much has happened in so many years. Flowing along with the current of changes. Looking back I feel proud of being part of this great Organization. If I say something about my achievement and contributions to the company, it may be treated as self praising. Let others talk about it. In the last 35 years I have worked for only three different management. It was an auto change over from one to other. Finally I am with this greatOrganization. The question is why I am in this company for such along period, when many of my colleagues jump from one company to another. The answer in short is “Self Satisfaction”. How this self-satisfaction is achieved.The main factor is the Company’s support at the time of any crisis, whether it is a Technical problem on board or a personnel problem including family problems. Many a time it was a heartwarming experience with MMS (I), like welcoming with flowers on the occasion of my 25th wedding anniversary, Calling all the office staff in to the conference room and giving a gift by the Company director in their presence, the friendly atmosphere and the treatment given at the office etc. These things create a close bondage with the organization and a feeling that I am part of it.

Sometimes I was surprised at the way company takes care of our personnel matters. For example the company keeps a good track of all floating staffs NRE status and the relief and joining is arranged accordingly, unless some urgent matters overtakes this priority. Also immediate relief is arranged at the time of some urgent family problem on compassionate ground. Otherwise also the company plans and arranges relief at the right time after completion of contract, except in unavoidable circumstances. Another good experience is the appreciation from the company at the achievements whether it is Technical or personnel, Small or big. So many occasions the company has sent messages, appreciating the good work done, while carrying out my duties. From my part, I believe, qualities like honesty, truthfulness, straight forwardness and little diplomacy helped in many ways to maintain my integrity in the Company, among my colleagues and subordinates. This way I face very minimum problems in dealing with others and to maintain a good relation with all and the work is done smoothly. Another important factor is one’s ego. We shouldhave goodcontrol on our ego. This will make the life easy on board and ashore.

I don’t want to stretch this further. I pray to almighty to help me in maintaining this trust and support of the company towards me in the coming years also. Once again I say thanks for all the supports, care and trust bestowed up on me by the Company.


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