Capt. K.P. Unnikrishnan

Working with MMSI since 1998 First Vessel - M.T Melodia

My association with MMS started from 1998.

Those days Indian senior officers were employed through the erstwhile Eurasia Shipping. Back then MMS had about 8/9 tankers in it’s fleet. The past decade has seen the MMS tanker fleet grow to about 21 or so. I was lucky to be a part of this growing organization.

MMS opened it’s own manning office MMS Maritime (India ) Pvt. Ltd., popularly known as MMSI in 2002. Then theoption before us were either to join MMSI or to continue with Eurasia shipping. Many of us opted to join MMSI and thereby to continue sailing on MMS tankers. Looking back, that was one of the best decisions I have ever taken.

I still cherish the memories of my first visit to MMSI office which was at Solitaire Park. The visit was on my way back home after signing off from “Gran Esperanza”, an Aframax tanker at Singapore. The reception at the office was very friendly, warm and informal. After interacting with everyone there, I didn’t have to think twice whether to join MMSI or not. More than a decade’s association with MMSI has proved that my decision to join MMSI was correct. Since then, have visited MMSI office many times and on each occasion the reception was always friendly and warm. In fact, the warmth and friendliness has increased over the years.

MMS & MMSI have a “No blame” culture. Blaming and witch hunting are something unheard of.Whenever there was a problem, instead of blaming anyone the root cause was analysed to take corrective actions. Lessons learnt are shared with everyone so that such problems could be avoided in the future.

Whenever office assistance / guidance are required, help is always available irrespective of the time, day or night. Knowing that complete office backing is available at all times, make life on board less stressful.

Regulatory compliance to the core is of utmost importance to MMS and MMSI as they strictly follow all regulations. MMS environment compliance system is one of the best in the industry. Strict implementation of regulatory requirements and continuous monitoring of same to achieve company’s motto of “Zero Pollution” make this world clean and life on board safe. As normal human beings, we all like and expect a little pat on our back when some job is well done. MMS and MMSI are organizations where good works are always appreciated and acknowledged.

No matter what others say, the truth is that we all work to earn a living. Monitory benefits are equally important as job satisfaction. Remuneration in time is the Master piece of MMSI. Wages and other dues are paid in time. MMSI has contracted some consultants to bargain and get best possible exchange rates so that we get the best rates for our hard earned dollars. MMSI regularly conduct various value added courses and seminars to keep us updated with the latest in the industry. As an incentive to update and upgrade one’s knowledge, all expenses are paid for by the company.

With minimum interference and full support from office, working environment on board MMS ships are the best in shipping. Lots of importance given to “Team Work” and independence. No unlawful act is ever asked for by the company or anyone on board, working environment is safe and satisfying.

As none in this world is 100% perfect, no organization in this world is also completely perfect. There may be few short comings with the company. But, compared to the merits they are insignificant. MMSI being a growing small organization, all are known to each other personally and thus the organization work as a family. After many years at Sea, I feel lucky to be part of this fantastic family.

It is indeed a pleasure to be working with MMS & MMSI.


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