Capt. Keshav Anand

Working with MMSI since - 2000 First Vsl - Mikom Accord

His words :

MMSI is the Indian Manning wing of MMS (Tokyo and Singapore) which has also diversified into MMS’s Technical Group.

I have been in active association with MMSI for more than a decade and this long journey has been quite eventful.

During my tenure with MMSI I have observed three things of importance which is worth mentioning.

Firstly - It stands-by you when you are in trouble.Secondly, it is the Human Factor which is taken care of very well by MMSI.

Thirdly – The work culture is very courteous and all employees have their own individual value with the company which make them stand out from the rest. P’s & Q’s are never forgotten.


  • Aframax Tanker

  • Product Tanker

  • VLCC Tanker


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